Kristi A Posted: 12/06/18

"I would recommend Nate for anyone who’s thinking about taking drum lessons. Not only is he an accomplished drummer himself, he holds great qualities as a teacher. Along with a great knowledge required to teach playing and reading the music, he also has patience, humor, enthusiasm, kindness, encouragement and gives homework and expects you to practice. I think Nate would be great with any level of drummer, whether beginner or if you’ve been playing for years."

Kevin Brenner Posted: 01/15/13

"Nate is a great teacher and a great guy in general. I always look forward to his lessons. His experience with the drums make it really easy to learn. I have learn so much when I'm with him. In my opinion there is no other guy I'd rather learn drums with, all in all he's a great guy and a great friend."

Justin Clark Posted: 03/14/13

"Nate is a highly intelligent drum teacher he taught me things that I never knew about drumming I went
from my scale 1-7 from a scale of 10. Nate is a good teacher and I recommend any person who wants to become a drummer go to Nate."


Would you recommend me?

Autumn Cobb (Cox) Posted: 12/05/18

"Nate is an awesome drum teacher! He is very patient and makes sure you are understanding/learning. He is great at what he does and he is a cool person as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!"

Marisa Cruz Posted: 03/05/14

"Nate is an amazing teacher and is very patient. He's a very skilled drummer and is good at helping you learn new things. He also makes it a very fun experience. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to take drum lessons."

Chris Fooy Posted: 04/21/15 

"Nate is a great drum teacher. He started my off with the basics and slowly worked up my skills and technique. Drum lessons were always fun because he based our lessons off the music styles that I was most interested in. I took lessons with Nate for 4 years. He had a lot of knowledge and is a great teacher. Would highly recommend him if you want to learn to play drums."

Kaitlyn Henry Posted: 03/17/16 

"Nate was a fantastic teacher. Very encouraging, and helped me keep at it the three years that I attended his lessons. I learned a very good amount of drumming, and the rhythm skills stayed with me, which proved extremely useful in other areas of music that I currently practice. I recommend his lessons all the way, they were incredibly helpful!"

Cole Kirgis Posted: 03/05/14

"Nate is a great drum teacher. He has a lot of patience and he is open- minded to any kind of music you prefer. I also think he has a great amount of experience, which makes him a more qualified drum teacher."

Rocco Merucci Posted: 12/05/18

"Nate is an awesome teacher. He taught me all of the basics I needed to know In Order to progress as a drummer. I recommend Nate to anyone who wants to either sharpen their skills or is learning how to play drum set."

Lewis Messner Posted: 01/15/13 

"I started taking drum lessons at a young age, but quickly quit because I was bored. I picked it up again years later with NATE as my instructor, and he was able to encourage my interest, and cultivate my growth as a musician. I continued taking lesson from him for a few years at least, and by the time I went down a different musical path, I was able to sight read and write, and I had a solid grasp on the fundamentals of drumming. I would HIGHLY recommend Nate to anyone looking to start, or continue learning great drum technique. He is an extremely valuable resource!"

Timmy Miller Posted: 06/12/13 

"Nate is one of the best drum teachers there is. I started taking lessons from him seven years ago and I still do. He is very patient, flexible friendly, and a caring guy. Nate has made me so much better at drums and he will teach you a ton of new things. If I had to recommend someone as a teacher, it would definitely be Nate!"

Shane Morrison Posted: 03/10/17

Nate was an awesome teacher, he always lets you play and pieces you want to learn so long as he think a you are capable of its difficulty, he is very patient, a great drummer and a great teacher, I highly recommend his lessons.

Jake Nulty Posted: 03/17/16 

"Nate is an excellent teacher. He breaks everything down to a point where it is very easy to learn and he not only teaches you how to play but how to teach yourself. I would recommend Nate to anyone who wants to be a drummer."

Zachary Ramirez Posted: 05/23/13

"Nate really opened the door for me to drumming. His teaching was easy to follow and highly motivational. As a total beginner it really helped that he always gave me something to build on and something to challenge myself with. He's tons of fun to work with and he will totally open your eyes to what is out there!!!"

Amanda Rhodes Posted: 04/21/15

"Nate was a great drum teacher. He was patient and he really helped me sort through issues that I had with pieces and rudiments. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who was looking for a drum teacher!"

Nikki Robertson Posted: 06/29/12

"Studying drums with Nate was one of the best experiences of my life. He has such a strong passion for music and it made learning under him so much fun! He knows exactly what to do and say to make learning enjoyable and educational. The hour I was with him each week was by far my favorite time of the week and I looked forward to it every day!"

Jake Roush Posted: 05/21/13

"Nate is a very experienced drummer, and knows a lot about what he does. He's very patient and is always willing to try new things. He's a very friendly, caring guy, and is very flexible with his schedule. He is always willing to hear what you have to say. I would recommend anyone, experienced or new, to Nate. He could definitely teach you a thing or two about drumming."

Nick Siep Posted: 03/05/14

"I started taking drum lessons from Nate just under a year ago. I play guitar, and I decided to learn drums to gain a better understanding of how guitar and drums work together, to improve my guitar playing, but mostly because playing drums just looked like a hole lot of fun! We got into playing the songs I wanted to learn very quickly, and that really helped to keep me interested. He is very patient, and can always find a way to explain things to me when I'm not understanding something. He really knows what he is talking about. Lessons are always a lot of fun! I would recommend taking lessons from Nate to anyone who wants to start playing!"

Daniel Staddon Posted: 03/12/12

"Nate was a great teacher during our time together. I used to look forward to his lesson every week. He started at a place that was easy for me to grasp, yet engaging.Nate starts with the fundamental, but it doesn't stop there! He started me on the right path and I am grateful for that. He is very patient, and a very friendly guy. Lessons with him are recommend from me."

Craig Stevens Posted: 05/18/13

"Excellent instructor. Very hands on when it comes to showing rudiments, breaks, ect. I would recommend Nate to anyone looking to improve their drumming skills."

Alicia Vassallo Posted: 05/05/16

"Nate is a great teacher. He is encouraging and patient. I totally recommend him."

Brad Walker Posted: 07/14/12

"Nate Campbell is a fantastic drum and percussion instructor because of his professionalism, stern work ethics, and his persistent teaching style. As a young child I started taking lessons with Nate and I learned quickly, and I had a lot of fun. I also learned things from Nate about music, mainly percussion, that I will retain for life. He was never late or let me down in the 3-4 years I took lessons. If there was ever anything that I wanted to learn or know about and he also did not know, He would find out and get back to me. Nate Campbell was such a great drum teacher, he is now a lifelong friend of my family."

Troy Wietecha Posted: 01/15/13

"Nate has definitely helped so much, he opened the door to drumming to me he taught me so much stuff which lead me to the drummer I am today, I highly recommend Nate as a instructor. He gets the job done with a little fun along the way. Amazing teacher"